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Humanity's Choice is an Individual

This article is very much about you as an individual and positive choices that will dictate the rest of your life, let me set the scene first.

When I first started studying the data of climate change two years ago I was alarmed not that change was occurring (I’m a cynic on all matters of media drama & fear) but the actual size of that change.

France had record temperatures two years ago, not 0.1% above the previous record, not even 1%, it was 11%! 

The world hits it’s tipping point when temperature rises three degrees.


Before Sunday, temperatures in Canada had never passed 45C.

10% percent higher. 


This is not small nudges, the world's infrastructure was designed around ‘normal’ heat. This is what happens when it increase beyond plan:

This was a cable car in Portland, the cable literally melted.

From a psychological point of view, I’ve said that until the fire is burning at the doorstep of humans no one will act or believe it.

Why we perceive this as Science wishy washy stuff is the problem in itself as it's driven by Government messaging which we don’t trust and by Capitalist driven PR which we like as it’s more normal and means we don’t have to do anything or change anything. 

The Covid pandemic has exacerbated this. I’m sure like me, you want to travel after the pandemic, you want to get back to your previous normal and above all else, NO MORE CHANGE! This is a perfectly natural human reaction, we humans love patterns, we love habit, we love limited disruption.

It’s really you I want to speak to today, the you that is the individual.

As I look at my world as an individual, I want to fulfil my life ambition to retire in France, write my fourth book (about humans and the secrets of the brain, emotional intelligence and decision-making) and in between scoffing cheese and baguettes go see all of the world. I want to experience every aspect of humanity that I can, always have, it feels like my destiny.

What is your purpose?

Where do you want to retire?

What do you want to see?

For many individuals it’s a secure future for their children with a smattering of fun, a few years chilling without a boss or indeed a job.

It’s knowing and accepting that the choices you make today will either enable or hold back the future you desire that is our focus.

For you to get to your mountain top it’s going to take some positive change. 

Simple, easy, positive change.

  1. Cow farts make up the 2nd biggest cause of Carbon emissions. #true

-We humans eat too much meat and red meat won’t help you live longer to enjoy chilling anyway.

Change your diet, live longer.

2. DePop (2nd hand clothes) was bought for $1.6 billion this year & also this year, Selfridges is selling 2nd hand Jewellery

Remember this

-You have tonnes of cool stuff, do you need more new things? 

Recycle, reuse, rebuy.

3. Tiny incremental change controls your future.

-The bulbs you use, solar panels, travel a bit less, ditch the SUV, more local, less international

Humanity's choice is an individual, it’s not about the President of Brazil selling off the rainforest for profit, it’s not about clean fuel in airplanes, it’s not even about the Paris accord or that significant parts of the world are on a crazy fast track to being uninhabitable by humans, all of those things are the tectonic plates of 7.8 billion humans.

What is it about, is you. 

What is your purpose?

Where do you want to retire?

What do you want to see?

I want to go to France. I’m going to make some positive choices, selfish choices but positive nonetheless. 

There is nothing wrong with being selfish, nothing wrong with putting yourself first, just know that less meat, less consumption and smarter ways to warm yourself, your family and your heart will lead you to your mountain top. 

Short life and all that.

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