Why does the same joke have one person rolling with laughter and the next person is dismayed?

Why does a Paisley shirt have one person in fashion heaven and the other in retro hell?

Why is there a Yin to every Yang?

Why does Dharma create Karma?

For every happy there is a sad.

For joy there is sorrow.

For laughter there are tears.

Everything in life is a polar opposite or as they call it in philosophy circles, the duality of life.

Does The Universe balance this in unison? Not to a person because it's far too ‘woohoo’. Mathematically doesn't pan out unless you are into overlords, deities and the aforementioned ‘woohoo’.

But what we do know is that the universe is energy and atoms can only exist with positive and negative energy. If the balance is too much of either they literally don’t work and will implode.

Let's look at this principle of the atom again but apply it to a person. A person can only exist with positive and negative energy, if they have too much of one energy source and not enough of the other they implode. This certainly isn’t ‘woohoo’ and has a lot of practical logic sitting behind it.

As an example, let’s consider mental health. You have a bad moment. Something happens to you. Someone is mean to you. It happens repeatedly, over and over and it starts to be something you think about A LOT! Is it me? Is it my fault? I'm not good enough.

With that ‘bad moment’ happening enough times and that thought pattern repeating, it becomes a continuous source of negative energy. The brain loops it into a thinking pattern. Then it repeats that pattern which gets attached to your psyche and you are never ever good enough forever more...or so you think.

This negative cycle creates the issues around mental health. It's a compound effect and all you have to do is swap out the cause and that right this is mental health in a nutshell.

How it affects and generates the balance of positive and negative energy depends on the severity of the causation, the frequency of it and the mind that is being attacked. Just LIke addiction, some brains are pre-wired to be more deeply affected by mental health challenges than others.

To frame it for yourself, consider this - how literal are you? The more literal you are the more likely will be affected by mental health IF there is a cause that attacks your balance of self.

We are all but a science experiment waiting to happen. An experiment that can break just as easily with an overload of positive energy. Too much confidence turns into arrogance. Too much self-belief turns into Narcissism. Too much use turns into a sociopath which is self-belief in confidence in overdrive. Ultimately the same outcome occurs and we fall just as hard with an imbalance of positive energy as we do with negative energy.

Life is an atom. You are a giant atom.

How you feed yourself energy dictates how balanced you are, how many more electrons to take in the energy of life and grow or not. The ‘woohoo’ stereotype of mindset, balance, energy and mental health is lessening in 2020 but it's still not readily accepted by the masses.

The acceptance for you, to power yourself to success is to accept that life can be a bit shitty at times! There are curveballs we all have to deal with but it’s not absolute. It’s only an absolute if you perceive it that way. Our perception is exactly the thing that risks creating those negative thinking loops.

All is not lost.

Fortune favours the brave

What this presents is a matter of courage. How brave are you? Do you have the courage to fill your electrons with positive energy to ensure that there is more positive than negative energy within you. The goal is not neutral. The atom is more powerful when it has more positives inside it and it’s exactly the same for you!

Seek the positives, accept and absolve the negatives and the biggest thing to take onboard is that the duality of life is nature, it is physics and you can control it in your favour.

Remember for every sad there is a happy and when misfortune comes your way you can channel that energy from sad to happy, from tears to laughter. It’s all a matter of courage and choice.

Life is an atom of courage and perspective. Control your mind with the right energy and you will win the game of life every time.

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