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"Meaning is personal to each of us, it’s the lens with which you see the world"

Everything you decide is because of the meaning your brain applies to each situation you are in.

Meaning is everything..

...Everything you are...

...Everything you do...

...Everything you see...

...Everything you think...

...Everything you believe...

...Everything you judge…

...meaning is the meaning of life in a mind-breaking haiku sorta way.

Meaning is personal to each of us, it’s the lens with which you see the world, which is different to the lens I see the world with. Let’s play a game:

You, your best mate & I are walking down a street at exactly the same moment in time:

A bird flies by

A plane flies by

  • Do you look up at both? Or one of them?
  • How about your best mate? What would they look at?
  • I wouldn’t look up at all.

It’s a very simple test but each of our reactions has a deep-rooted meaning behind it. Humans operate with as much automation in our conscious minds as possible; we do that so we can function - it’s natural. Our predilection for birds, planes or mugging off both comes from our childhood.

Up until we are 21 years old, our decision-making gets locked into millions of decisions trees in the mind. Once we make those decisions, it gets stored in our unconscious mind and then the job of the unconscious is to only (literally) point us to engage, look, see, feel, hear, touch and interact with those things we prefer.

It’s why human miscommunication occurs so regularly. You and I can see and hear the same thing but what we actually see and hear goes through our personal reality distortion field. If you doubt that, here are two things to think about:

1. Any argument debate with your other half ‘I told you this 5 times!’

‘I did exactly what you asked…’

Queue fireworks….

2. Every internal meeting at work ‘I told you this clearly, why didn’t you do it?’

‘I did exactly what you asked…’

Queue people scrambling to hit the new KPI

We each create our identity through the meaning we apply to decisions we make, like why we select the friends, holidays, jobs, clothing and food that we do. It all has deep meaning; the unconscious is your friend and frenemy as it’s a bit of fucker for keeping this deep meaning to itself. Partly to protect you and partly because to automate you it needs you to think as little as possible.

It has a point too. If you had to think about the core reason you prefer black T-shirts with no logo relates to the time you were dumped when you were 13, when your friend said you looked best in black, when you read an article in a magazine and that time your mum said you looked best in white and you didn’t want to be like her and simply because you once bought a big logo T-shirt and it didn’t look cool. It goes on and on. We are complex, weird operating systems BUT we are unique.

We all deserve to be treated as the unique people we are. That is why understanding the meaning individuals apply to different products and services is personalisation. Life is not about understanding the whole person; it’s just about how you want to offer them what you have based on what it means to them.

Meaning is personal; it’s what makes you, your best mate and I the unique individuals that we are.

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