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Why are we so bloody stupid?

Our CEO, Martin Lucas was back on the Inquisitor Podcast.

This is what the host had to say:

A great Sunday listen about why Humans Don't Understand Humans. It's a fact. And we don't seem to be getting any better at it despite the advances in technology intended to help us communicate better, understand better, gain more insight.

In fact, these technologies are a significant part of the problem. We've always been prone to misunderstanding each other and technology has created distance between us and our customers. We've become reliant on technology to drive efficiency instead of making us more effective.
3 of the sharpest people I know in the field of understanding human behaviour and communication, Amy Brown, Rob Turley and Martin Lucas chat to me about why we are so bloody stupid when it comes to human understanding and what we can do to improve it.

What Martin said:

The efficiency trick of the human mind is the causation of the efficiency trick of technology. The problem maintains as the tools are swapped out.

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