• 98.81% of adverts don't get engaged with, the same is true of all channels.


    You know how frustrated you are as a consumer?

    You are not alone!


    Its simply because humans do not understand how they make decisions, so how can adverts, emails, websites, store windows be anything but a frustration landmine if it doesn't understand your needs!

  • Welcome to The Human Reward System

    We've codified the Psychology, Science, Physics & Mathematics of Advertising, Marketing, Service, Consumption, Service & Sales Experience to model Decision-Making when we Shop


    Allowing you to quickly and easily sell more and grow the love from consumer to your brand

  • “Gap in the Matrix is one of a tiny number of people in the world who understands that it is psychology which offers the greatest potential to revolutionise marketing in the next ten years and beyond.”

    Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy

  • Over the past two years, the top 15 things our clients ask us for.

    Presented in order of demand


    1. Our channels all operate as siloes
    2. Our consumer profiling is not clear
    3. Our email channel isn’t driving enough sales
    4. Our website conversions are low
    5. Our loyalty is low
    6. Our spend for paid ads is too high
    7. Our knowledge of consumers and their budget for our

    industry is limited
    8. Our analytics is only being used for reporting 9. Our

    personalisation is only based on a few segments 10. Our loyalty program is not working

    11. Our sales strategy is based on the merchandising team and basic A/B number testing

    12. Our store footfall is dropping
    13. Our communication channels are siloed

    14. Our return rates are too high
    15. Our App is getting low instals/engagement


    We work on every single one of these areas with significantly above market performance and sales growth, every single time

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  • A very logical way to make your data work for you

    And we are fast, its take four weeks for us to clean and build out your data and start sending actions based on shopping psychology, linguistics and conversion optimisation.