• Welcome to the Human Reward System

    Knowledge with Actionable Insights


    We connect to your Data (No Personal information used).

    Our knowledge Division of coders and data scientists run our 1,500 part logic based software


    Now we have gaps to fill and advanced segmentation

    Our Linguistics & Shopping Psychology Conversion Division turns the results into action


    We then implement alongside your exisitng processes

    We do this as it makes it incredibly easy and no disruption to enable savings and growth


    We move channel by channel.

    Under an agreed plan

    It's a simple mantra

    Win, grow, repeat

    Next channel Win, grow, repeat

  • Don't worry if you have too much or too little data

    We clean and build new data using our software AND it only takes four weeks before actions start flowing in

  • The disciplines codified into The Matrix

    Mathematical Psychology, Behavioural Psychology, Positive Psychology, Sales Psychology, Consumer Psychology, Conversion Optimisation, Mathematical Logic, Shopping Behaviours, Shopping Habits, Behavioural Mathematics, Loyalty & Frequency Mathematics, Nudge Theory, NeuroDesign, Neurolinguistics, Data Modelling, Behavioural Science, Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Decision Making, Philosophy, Philology, Clustering, Segmentation & NeuroBiology (it's a good one).

  • The Matrix fills all these Gaps for our clients

    The consumer receives more of what they want and less of what they don't

    (Resulting in our clients saving money whilst their revenue grows)

  • Tune into some Rock 'n' Roll Science

    It's hardcore truth based knowledge consumer by consumer