• Gap in the Matrix is a Consumer Decision-Making Engine

    We've codified the Psychology, Science, Physics & Mathematics of Advertising, Customer, Marketing & Sales Experience


    Allowing you to know more about

    your customers & sell more

  • “Gap in the Matrix is one of a tiny number of people in the world who understands that it is psychology which offers the greatest potential to revolutionise marketing in the next ten years and beyond.”

    Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy

  • Want to learn who your customers really are?


    You can discover what products psychologically means to each customer

    Know their reasons to buy, to engage, to stay longer

    What tempts them, what offers to use and when

    The emotional context of their desires

    How to increase loyalty in the brain

  • You will get results

    (Our standards from 65+ brands)


    Revenue growth 23-63% above industry



    Savings of 18-26% via efficiencies



    Metrics growth 73-126% above industry


    A very logical way to make your data work for you