• Emotional Intelligence Driven A.I. Software

    We create, intercept & convert consumer demand

  • Why are we not treated like individual consumers?

  • 10 Years of R&D, 60+ brands, 35 academic disciplines all turned into Data Science & a live software ecosystem to understand what each consumer wants, at each step of their journey on all channels, in order to favour your brand & your products


    Rocket fuel your growth whilst eradicating needless spend and wasted employee time by understanding what consumers want, where, when and why


    Understand how to represent the consumers identity in what you offer. Add in their habits, budget, loyalty and 147 other vital decision-making variables to grow the time, budget and psychological triggers to come to you again, and again, and again.


    Those 35 academic disciplines we mentioned earlier create a live A.I. ecosystem that works with your data (zero 3rd party) to advance segmentation in shopping psychology and load it automatically to your system.


    And even more importantly our Emotional Intelligence A.I. produces Linguistics conversion optimisation specifically for each brand. It also knows which products are for whom and how to tempt each individual consumer to increase basket size & frequency of spend.

  • Our Software is an agile build


    Which means it is incredibly simple to connect in using automated API’s and only with anonymised data.


     Zero 3rd party data 100% GDPR clean


     No personal information (per US rules)

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  • Our Client Results


    Sales Uplift

    "Greatest thing I’ve seen in 20 years"

    A billion dollar Jewellery brand.


    Profit Growth

  • Rory Sutherland Vice Chairman, Ogilvy

    "You can have all the micro-targeting tools in the world, yet if you fail to convince or persuade it is all worthless. Martin is one of a tiny number of people in the world who understands that it is psychology rather than technology which offers the greatest potential to revolutionise marketing in the next ten years and beyond"

  • Everyone Gets A Complimentary Test

    Let us prove the value we can bring to your business

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    Our Brand Experience

    Don't just take our word for it

    We are proud to have worked with some of the most established businesses in the world