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How to launch a new car in the USA Market and kill the ‘soccer mom’ perception?

A new inductee racing into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Science Hall of Fame, a Global Automotive brand who wanted to beat some age-old marketplace stereotypes.

Here’s what they wanted:

How to launch a new car in the USA Market and kill the ‘soccer mom’ perception?

Here is what they got:

Using The Matrix (our Cognitive Data Science software), we ran a deepmind project looking at both the stereotypes of the ‘Soccer Mom’ car. The joy of understanding the science of decision-making is you can apply it to visual storytelling as much as you can to language & data. In this case, it was key to look at the stories being sold in the visuals across the market (now and in the past).

We found over 180 behavioural cues, you know, the things that change one's perception positively or negatively. Our highlights:

  1. The market is caught selling a late 80s early 90s version of the mother.

  2. The focus is stuck, as the whole market is on car, metal, engine, price, repeat.

  3. A very 2D structure for a 3D real life world.

This gave us the baseline of knowing how to reconstruct the perception & stereotype of this type of car model.

We ran our findings through our 296 part Problem Solving Model, it’s all run using our findings from 24 academic disciplines which allow us to have the range to look at the big picture rather than with a singular myopic point of view which happens if you only use one academic model.

The model allowed us to produce a storytelling structure that both accommodates the Covid world (that sense of freedom all consumers crave) in combination with the practical gains, aha moments of real world gains and the neuro rewards of their new car model.

To kill the stereotype, we stopped making the focus the stereotype! Instead, the car launch we built was around an easier, better life to surprise and delight the marketplace.

Our implementation plan covered:

  • Creation of different audience segments based on the most relevant features, functions and life stories around the car.

  • Perception changed to a lifestyle led vehicle.

  • Storytelling structure with gains and rewards architecture.

  • Creation of multi-channel algorithms for continuity of experience (Swarm Mathematics).

  • A bank of keywords, trigger based psychology and Matrix style conversion optimisation to insert into various experiences (Neurolinguistics)

  • Both media flow, pacing and imagery selection to ensure the most relevant experience (NeuroDesign).

It continues to adapt.

Multiple dimensions, multiple touches, multiple channels and killing a stereotype by rewiring perception to be one of gains, new, reward and chemical releases!

If you would like to learn more about the Rock ‘n’ Roll Science Hall of Fame and how you can join please get in touch to organise an audition.

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