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How to intercept demand for a semi-Covid free summer for the entire Sunscreen product range?

Our latest inductee to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Science Hall of Fame is a BEAUTY! literally! Skincare, beauty, self care, the ultimate global gig.

Here’s what they wanted:

How to intercept demand for a semi-Covid free summer for the entire Sunscreen product range?

Here is what they got:

Using The Matrix (our Cognitive Data Science software), we looked at the state of the world relative to covid, combined with how self care and indeed freedom was affecting our usage and meaning of skincare and beauty products.

This gave us the baseline of what the different products mean to different audiences and allowed us to identify which stories to tell and the tone, language and dialect to communicate them in.

We then ran the Matrix models to reveal the deepmind associations of the product.Taking the audience segmentations we had created, we looked at the key meaning, characteristics, gains and indeed barriers of usage relative to sunscreen.

Just one example - the compatibility with other beauty products and texture of products being a really deep and key decision-making factor of one key audience.

We love those types of insights because it pulls you into the real world of the Consumer’s you must serve, it’s not about sunscreen, it’s about what we associate to the product, how it relates to other products and the gains we want from using it!

We took the audiences, different rewards, product preferences, characteristics and then got to work on a deepmind implementation plan for our Rock ‘n’ Roll Science Inductee:

  • Identification and build of audience segments including direct and indirect emotional and practical associations.

  • Neurolinguistics: Positive language, rewards and meaning from 55,000,000 variables to find that magic formula of glowing copy and bronzed narrative.

  • Neurodesign: Creative architecture of stories to tell across all channels and what images to lead with.

  • Behavioural Economics: Usage of relevant customer insights and how to use specifics from one customer to nudge the next and on and on. Covid plan relating to the feeling of freedom that is coming to us all and how to associate product to this release.

823 components for seasonal campaigns with cultural, language, design, creative and product selection planned out.

A billion dollar market which now has 1.2 billion variables with which to serve all it’s different audiences and their needs. All are dialled into creating the right context to drive the right relevance for action and purchase.

That is Rock ‘n’ Roll Science in a nutshell; Give people more of what they want and less of what they don’t!

If you would like to learn more about the Rock ‘n’ Roll Science Hall of Fame and how you can join please get in touch to organise an audition.

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