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The Quantum Physics of Shopping

A Matrix style download of Quantum Physics.

The World is binary. All you can see from the atmosphere to the plants to the trees to the other humans you know - all binary! It wasn't code that created the computer program, it was life in itself. We have Quantum Physics to thank and that’s not as esoteric or woohoo batshit crazy as you may think. The quantum way of coding the binary world is brutally simple;

The world is made up of 0’s and 1’s. Change is what occurs between the 0s and 1s.

Understand this change and you can understand and decode what is occurring now and what will occur next. This is binary genius!

Let’s run with this thought and look at it more closely through a lens which looks at the world from the individual's point of view. Everything a person experiences in life is about their interpretation of what happens between the 0s and 1s.

That person looks irritated - how will this impact me?

That person I know looks angry - how will they treat me?

A sunrise on a Monday morning before work -how does it make me feel?

A sunset on a Friday during my two week holidays -how do I react?

We all interpret different moments in different ways; Emotional, rejection, visceral, engagement, positive, negative. All are uniquely interpreted based on how we as individuals see the world. Crucially, it's the interpretation of what sits between the 0s and 1s that creates the meaning that we all gather and take from our experiences. It's hard coded into our operating system. That self, the brain, is a Quantum machine. It inputs endless 0s and 1s and then comes up with its own interpretation to harvest perception and ultimately the meaning of the life it experiences.

In the simplest way, the brain is doing its job and that job that is unique to the individual it serves. This is where Quantum Physics unlocks the key to understanding the individual.

Today, let's use shopping as an example.

There is a massive point of proof of the quantum gap in the matrix of advertising. There is a complete lack of relevance. We know this because it manifests as a 1.19% engagement rate on $265 billion of digital advertising spend on Facebook, Google and Programmatic (Display & Stalker type follow me ads).

When shopping and consuming there is only one key thing the brain is hunting for and that is relevance!

We make 35,000 decisions a day and over 98% happen in the unconscious mind. This is where the truth of self (who we really are) sits. It's where the operating program codes its own 0s and 1s as it feels, interprets and gives meaning to the life it experiences. When the unconscious mind finds no relevance it rejects and says ‘NO’.

Of all the things that we as individuals experience on a daily basis - all those moments and interactions, over 98% of them are rejected. The brains operating system interprets zero meaning and classifies it as irrelevant - REJECT

Think about your day to day life. When was the last time you got an email from a brand that felt relevant? When was the last time you had a positive service experience and felt understood as a person? When did the last Facebook advert (if ever) have you rushing to click through to see more?

The quantum gap is in all of these emails, TV ads, Facebook ads, stalker ads, poorly timed messages, service that is slow, support that is not felt. It all adds up to trillions of dollars of wasted effort and all because we have a system serving people based on the brands 0s and 1s rather than the customers - the individuals.

The quantum physics of shopping is no different from the quantum physics of lIfe. As the brand, when you make the effort I will engage and I will buy because you have served me up something that is relevant to me. I have run it through my own operating system and I have found meaning. I have not hit reject. Congratulations, you’re in the 2%.

Shopping is not binary, it's not the 0s and it's not the 1s that matter. What matters is the space between the 0s and 1s because this is where I interpret meaning - in the gap between the 0s and the 1s, The gap that creates my unique self.

The more relevancy you serve to different types of people based on their shopping habits, needs, style, preferences and 100s of other variables the more you will win. FACT!

Two takeaways from this:

  1. The Quantum Physics of shopping is not about price. It's not a sale, it's not a discount, it's certainly not mass - It's personal, it's not a number. The type of personal meaning that can be decoded to run by cluster, by group, by preference and on and on until you reach the individual by individual level.

  2. To get there, you must want to understand how the customer interprets what you serve. The meaning they hold to what you offer is the only truth that matters and once you know this truth your message will reach that holy grail of the 2% of decisions the individual makes that accept rather than reject.

Quantum Shopping is a binary Gap of Meaning!

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