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Uk award winning personalised sex toys

How can we enable more joy and more pleasure from sex?

Sex sells doesn’t it? That’s the old advertising cornucopia of how to sell Cars, Movies, Technology, on and on it rolls this mantra ‘sex sells’.

What happens when you are selling sex toys?

It’s a paradox! Using sex to sell a.nother product is cool but how does one go about selling sex for sex if you will?

The reality is that sex is mix of yay, eye rolling fun alongside fear, self body shaming and for some a lot of ewey. This is exacerbated by different cultures having different takes on what sex means to them and how open or closed they are to discussing it, let alone the doing of it.

This challenge landed on our doorstep when we started some work for Mystery Vibe.

What makes them different? Why should you care about their sex toys?

For one, $4,500,000 invested in Research & Development for their products.

Two, their so what of the brand is incredible…

“Eleven types of orgasm!”

This was a fact I learnt as the team and I ran over 60 pages of insights, science and highlights from the Research & Development. It’s fascinating to learn a type of personalisation that seems obvious and yet was not being served; individual sexual needs and sexual health.

For individual sexual needs, I thought ‘Goddamn, everything my wife says is true, the buttons she professes to need pressed are true and f*%* me I have my work cut out as there are nine Orgasms I never knew about to learn about and help make happen!’. On a more practical level (for more than just me) about their product:

The most advanced award-winning vibrator for G-spot, clitoral, penis & perineum stimulation Supercharge your pleasure with 6 powerful motors, 12 preset vibrations & 16 intensities

This is about as personalised as it gets because it is and because it can be setup any way you wish.

For sexual health, it was actually more practical. For example a women suffering from depression:

"I received my Crescendo around the same time I was put on antidepressant medication which gave me sexual side effects - meaning my libido dropped pretty dramatically... Thank you MysteryVibe - you've saved my sex drive from extinction!"

The design has a done of health upsides, such

  • Women who experience vaginal tears often take 6 months to one year to get back to normal sex after child birth

  • Decreased levels of estrogen associated with reduction in natural lubrication are common among women who have recently given birth, especially if they breastfeed. Tissues of vagina become thinner and drier.

60 pages of this kinda stuff! It was clear that personalization matters a lot, as does health but what really matters to tempt the consumer to actually buy?

Simplification is such a worthy prize for increasing sales, and if it was easy everyone would be crushing their sales. Simplification can be so hard to locate in a sea of insights, options and analysis but not because we know too much. It’s more that we don’t know what is most relevant inside the mind of those we wish to serve that is the common knowledge gap.

How we figured it out was to combine a lot of thinking stuff, all focused on the decision making of our target audiences. Neuroscience tells us that moment is about meeting a need, Psychology tells us that decisions are based on Emotions and I tell people that when you combine the two you can build a Gains & Outcomes strategy to your experiences.

We started with email engagement, split them by Male and Female. The gains & outcomes was simplified to:

#JotP > Joy of the Pleasure for the Woman.

#FotP > Fear of the Penis for the Man.

If you can figure out what those two puzzles meant for the copy and design then you will know how we got a whopping 562% increase in PAID conversions.

I’m off to study, I have nine exams coming up…...

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