• How the Matrix Serves You

    Before we explain how awesome it is, let's get past the biggest fear of software

  • Onboarding take 20 minutes!

     Zero 3rd party data 100% GDPR clean

     No personal information (per US rules)

    GDPR, PI is in our contracts. It is irrelevant data to The Matrix code anyway and impossible to use due to our security setup

    Just add us as a reporting user to each system in the circle which takes 1-2 mins per user. Job done!

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  • The Science

    The Matrix is coded with:

    -150 behavioural insights

    -296 types of bias

    -55 nudges (behavioural economics)

    -35 academic diciplines

    -108 human emotions





    The Matrix serves you with automation

    • As standard The Matrix works with Email, SMS, Social Media, Digital Advertising, Website, Stores
    • You choose which channels you want to grow.
    • You define how many deliveries per month, per channel.
      • e.g. Emails are supplied with 10 delivery options per month
      • Social are supplied with 15 delivery options per month
      • Dgital are supplied with 30 per month
    • You can even pick more than you need to review ideas and revenue opportunities!

    Now the Matrix Knows The Channels it Gets to Work


    The Matrix delivers audiences automatically to your CRM.

    Every Audience is named to match the Timing Model, all you have to do is select the audience in CRM to match the Creative and press send.

    The Matrix's live system continuously maps your consumer segments based on behaviour and product preferences.

    Now The Matrix Knows The Audiences

    The Matrix can select the Conversion Optimised SKUs 

    The Matrix's AI SKU & Product selection model, with 1.4 million variables, connects to people's shopping personalities and identities.

    Using the selection model The Matrix selects which SKUs to use to bundle products effectively and drive cross-sell opportunities for EVERY delivery option.



    Delivered to the design team with image files included

    Now the Matrix knows the SKUs and Products

    The Matrix selects Conversion Optimised Copy

    The Matrix Conversion Optimisation Linguistics Engine is built from the principles of

    Shopping Psychology decision-making: 

    -150 Behavioural insights

    -296 types of Bias

    -55 Nudges (Behavioural Economics) 

    For each delivery The Matrix serves up to 8 Conversion Optimised Keywords to use in the copy.



    The copy team now uses the Conversion Optimization keywords for each delivery while maintaining their regular process.

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    Now the Matrix knows the Conversion Keywords

    It can select the Imagery to Inspire the design team:

    The Matrix features a vast repository of 10s of millions of images matched to the millions of conversion keywords.


    By leveraging the audience keywords, The Matrix provides the design team with image selections to help and inspire that align with each audiences preferences, helping them create targeted, effective designs.


    This drives Conversion Optimised Revenue growth, efficiency AND support to your design team.

  • The Matrix is a digital butler

    Serving every channel, every employee, every consumer, what they need, when they need it.


    We even serve Live Performance Peporting and a gigantic Interactive Behaviorual Insights Data Studio.

    -45-day free trial

    -A personal session

    -A sneak reveal of your marketplace gaps