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Creative Agency Account Management Podcast

Did you know the average Facebook ad click through rate is just 1.61%?

Our CEO, Martin Lucas was a guest on the Creative Agency Account Management Podcast, here is how they summarised the episode:

In this chat he tells me about his shocking four year research findings, which included studying how 65 different creative agencies of different sizes develop ads.

His findings include:

* Why $265bn of online ads don’t get interacted with
* Why measuring impressions isn’t useful
* Why brand strategy is stuck in its ways
* Why defining “personas” for a brand isn’t helpful
* Why the attribution model for measuring ad performance is flawed

This is how Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy describes Martin's company:

“Gap In the Matrix is one of a tiny number of people in the world who understands that it is psychology which offers the greatest potential to revolutionise marketing in the next ten years and beyond.”

Check it out

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