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Global Billion Dollar Automotive

Who should we really be targeting, why and how?

Another inductee joined the Rock ‘n’ Roll Science Hall of Fame from the Global Automotive space. This time we were looking at a whole continent!

What they wanted to know:

Who should we really be targeting, why and how?

Using The Matrix (our Cognitive Data Science software), we looked at the marketplace in general and found an industry caught in a model of car, metal, engine and car, metal, engine, price with a stereotype of both the brand, the car type and the industry that was driven too much by He Psychology.

He Psychology is a thinking model that is overly focused on price, lacks emotion and is overly practical.

In comparison, She Psychology is a thinking model which is focused on connecting the dots, the relationship between things and emotional intelligence. In many respects She Psychology is THE thinking model for all advertising and marketing and indeed was the dominant play of the advertising golden age of the 1930s-1950’s.

We wanted to bring that back for our client because, we know from 56 case studies and millions of tests, that it is money!

The model harvested over 500 actionable insights and then we got to work splitting them based on buyers, audiences and what we call 3D architecture aka real life.

It’s around real life that the market has gotten a bit lost. It's become too focused on the car, metal, engine model. Some people simply want to know you have a cup holder. It’s not their only consideration but NOT showing it and simply focusing on car, metal, engine means you leave the consumer to their own devices and lose the key decision-making factors; the variables!

There are 1,000’s of variables to decision-making and they combine to millions of outputs (hence why we ran a four year Research & Development project to figure it out, it takes time, it’s complex!).

Once we had all the variables figured out we began to focus on who the customer is. Often brands have a false perception of their customer and the truth can hurt but is vital to know. In this case we found a 2:1 male vs female audience and a much higher income bracket than was perceived by the brand.

It told us that He Psychology wasn’t just a model but actually evidenced the more aggressive approach which was pushing away the female buyer even those who were focused on female orientated car models!

We took the variables, socioeconomics, gains of She Psychology and insights about the whole continent and then we got to work on a plan for our Rock ‘n’ Roll Science Inductee:

  • Strategic plan (all led by actionable insights to move away from car, metal, engine and to the real life and real life needs of the consumers).

  • Brand Voice (20 pages).

  • Mindset & Culture across the continent (9 pages).

  • Engagement Strategy (21 pages).

  • Who your customer will be (20 pages).

  • CRM optimization (66 key actions).

Specific plans including CRM automation, data architecture (that didn’t exist before we got involved) and all driven around profitable growth with less spend and more centralised activity. All of this whilst at the same time respecting and serving all the continents' different markets.

If you would like to learn more about the Rock ‘n’ Roll Science Hall of Fame and how you can join please get in touch to organise an audition.

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