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How brands operationalise their own downfall

Have you ever wondered why clothing brands that had such promise hit bankruptcy 10-20 years after launching?

Or why restaurants that used to be so well liked and popular just seemed to fall out of favour?
Did you know that loyalty comes from how you treat people (rather than the deals and discounts which actually drive away loyalty)?
After 3 months of research, writing and storytelling, I’m proud to share that our new White paper - How brands operationalise their own downfall - is out.
Tonnes of stuff like this:
-The loyalty formula
-Why brands create their own downfall
-How investment destroys value
-The Psychology of gradual change
-The algorithm of self destruction
-The biggest consumer shopping change from 2010 to 2020
Add in nostalgia, spirit, meaning, storytelling and a tonne of brand examples and you’re in for a real treat.
All free to access, no email gatekeeper, just get stuck in.

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