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How to increase product advocacy, affinity and association with both child and parent?

This is a super fun new entry to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Science Hall of Fame. One of those special moments where you get to problem solve and rocket rule for one of the all time favorite brands in THE WORLD!

Here’s what they wanted:

How to increase product advocacy, affinity and association with both child and parent?

Here is what they got:

Using The Matrix (our Cognitive Data Science software), we took all their european markets and looked at consumer product preferences. These preferences were based on each toy character, their characteristics, their origin story and then we ran a similar process against product types and product categories.

This gave us a country by baseline of regional product (& product character) preferences based on preferences.

We then ran some deepmind mathematics. We took the characters and looked at the cultural variables and why those characters were more popular based on the market and the region in each market. We found 100’s of reasons to consider, reasons to buy but also lots of outlier facts such as Aosta Valley in Italy has dramatically different character preferences than any other part of Italy.

The door was now open for the really fun part of Consumer Psychology; Child to parent to grandparent relationship dynamics - who’s buying, why and what do they really want?

Raising affinity, association and advocacy is not as tricky as it may seem once you understand the meaning of the product (object relationship theory) and how it plays into the mind of all the buyers and users of the product.

We were now fully tuned in to the core meaning, dynamics, and nuances of the challenge and got to work on the solution for our newest Rock 'n' Roll Science Hall of Famer.

  • Development and implementation of a multi channel campaign (retail store, digital, website).

  • Audience reach and advocacy to engage both parent & child (and grandparent when relevant).

  • Re-engagement of the younger parents who had lost affinity and drifted from the brand and products over time.

  • Creation of multi-channel algorithms for continuity of experience (Swarm Mathematics).

  • A lexicon of impactful keywords, trigger based psychology and Matrix style conversion optimisation to insert into various experiences (Neurolinguistics)

  • Both media flow, pacing and imagery selection to ensure the most relevant experience (NeuroDesign).

Delivered over 300 components fully optimising brand and product experiences across all channels and key audience segments to add some rocket fuel to a billion dollar product range.

If you would like to learn more about the Rock ‘n’ Roll Science Hall of Fame and how you can join please get in touch to organise an audition.

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