The Truth is Worth $265 Billion

There is a gap that is destroying profit and endless waste of human capital.

That gap is $54 billion in Facebook Ads

That gap is $65 billion in Google Ads

That gap is $146 billion in Programmatic Advertising

On average 98.21% of ALL adverts sent by Facebook, Google and Programmatic that DO NOT get interacted with.

This is not just about digital, that problem is similar in TV, Email, Content, Websites, Retail, Sales & Service.

The cause of the problem is not marketing or advertising or business in itself, those numbers just bear out the truth.

The truth is that humans do not understand other humans

Look at your day so far, how many adverts, interactions, people and businesses have you dismissed and ignored so far? That much, just today, already.

There will be more of that for you today, and me, all 7 billion of us experience that same irrelevant reality.

What would happen if Brands knew how to treat their customers with more relevant, more personal experiences?

We spent four years solving this problem, we went for the source code of the problem, we looked at how humans make decisions in every dimension and interrogated 24 academic disciplines to find the truth.

Knowing the truth allows us to save ANY business at least 18% of their advertising & marketing spend BEFORE we even look at improving performance.

Do you know why your customers buy from you?

We’ve been answering this question in order to make our clients millions in revenue growth because we know what your customers want, when and above all else why.

Do you know why your customers pick your competition ?

We know the answer and can show you with the 56 case studies across the landscape of consumer and business in general we hold.

Do you know what makes your customers loyal?

Revenue protection in a recession risks being a fear based strategy that pushes customers away and destroys the fabric of your loyalty.

You can find your own proof via our complimentary session.

It’s the same proof all of our 56 case study clients began with.

Why don’t humans understand humans?

Because they don’t understand what triggers decision-making from awareness, to engagement, to consideration, to purchase, to loyalty, to repeat purchase.

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